About us



        Already from the beginning of the first millennium, and especially from the XV-XVI. Increasingly, home appliances and decoration used forged iron products. Because of its resilience, forged iron was used for home appliances and decoration. The exchange of iron treatment options, it is used more and more.        Today, iron is not only hammered plojama, but variously articulated, rotating, kniedinama, Welding.
        Only a strong and creative blacksmith’s hand touched the cold metal gray, and can turn into a flexible line, in the form of a mild, eloquent ornament …

We produce:

gates, fences,
fireplace accessories,
other interior and exterior details …



At customer’s request, articles combine with wood, stone, glass. We can offer a wide range of both classic and modern designs.
We consult, design, we produce, deliver, install.
Orders are accepted from: Šiauliuose, Vilniuje, Kaune, Klaipėdoje, Panevėžyje.